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Devon Pottery

Devon Pottery    Now held mostly in Storage,  we have Barnstaple Pottery and Will Young on show

Charles Hubert Brannam, Thomas's son, born 1855. Charles started work at the pottery at the age of twelve. He was artistically inclined, and after many years trying, managed to persuade his father, in 1879, to let him experiment with the production of art pottery at their Litchdon Street works.

William Leonard Baron was a modeller, designer and potter. He continued his studies at Barnstaple School of Art, and after gaining his master's certificate started to teach pottery himself. He served at Brannam's for nine years, producing many fine designs for the company, making exhibition pieces and winning important commissions. In 1893 he  branched out on his own

Will Young retired to Devon and began sculpting clay in 1951, trading under the name of the Runnaford Pottery, the pottery was continued by his son Alan. Will Young was a self-taught potter, and he proved to have a definite talent for figures. He specialised in Devon characters, such as the Widdecombe Fair crew of Bill Brewer, Jan Stewer and Uncle Tom Cobley.

Alexander Lauder, born 1836, was head teacher at Barnstaple School of Art when C H Brannam was a pupil.

Also Torquay Pottery, Longpark, Aller Vale, Watcombe, Exeter and more from the last century to the 1950's


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